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Community-based voluntary counseling and testing for HIV, sífilis and HCV in Europe: COBATEST Network 2019 PO5/01
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M. Gogishvili1, L. Fernàndez López1,2,3, J. Casabona Barbara1,2,3
Rapid Hiv test in Sardinia, a lookback at first 5 years of Lila Cagliari testing service PO5/02
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G. Dessì1, F. Cardinale1, V. Mascia1
Reaching 95-95-95: 3 years of the Portuguese League Against AIDS performing screening tests and promoting therapeutical compliance PO5/03
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M.E. Saraiva1, S. Melo Refoios1,2, M. Ferrão1, G. Bento3, R. Castro4, R. Vicente5, L. Nunes5
Promoting autonomy and self-care of people living with HIV and/or hepatitis through a community-based approach: the example of the Takari project in French Guiana PO5/04
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A.-S. Petit1,2, J.-P. Dada3, L. Napuchi3, C. Mathurin4, M. Shahisavandi4,
M. Préau1, D. Michels2,5, M. Gaillet6,
C. Michaud6, C. Piedrafita y Costa3
Contributions of (+) Screening = (+) Life Project in the access of the Trans and Sex Worker population to early detection and screening of STIs PO5/05
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P. Costa1, F. Aguiar1, S. Correia1, A. Silva2, P. Belmonte1, F. Neves3

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